Business Expense versus 501c3 Option

Business Expense (Flames Rising LLC)

Flames Rising LLC is a registered for profit organization in which contributions can be made as an advertising/marketing expense for a business. These advertisements and partnerships can be seen across various platforms. If you are contributing and would like to advertise or become a partner, please contact us at‌

Partner with the Flames Rising LLC

501c3 Non-Profit (The Flames Way Collective)

The Flames Way Collective is a registered 501c3 not for profit organization that can take donations that are tax exempt. The Flames Way Collective is focused on providing Liberty athletes with opportunities to serve their communities.

Support Our Athletes Through Flames Way Collective

Monthly Membership

Support your local athletes through Flames Way Collective with a monthly membership donation.

One Time Donation

Donate to the Flames Way Collective for our local student athletes with a one time donation.

Annual Pledge

Take your NIL support to the next level with an annual membership pledge at $5,000, $10,000, or $25,000 per year.